Sucre Smooth - Hair Removal Sugar Paste 1400g


A Luxurious natural hair removal sugaring paste. Expertly blended for the purest and most consistent of products on the marketplace today. Regular consistency for professional use.

Perfect for gentle and effective hair removal, whilst also exfoliating the skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth and supple.

This product is 100% natural and friendly on the skin. Made from only Sugar, Water, Vegetable oil and Citric acid.

Having trouble with other types of 'Waxing' hair removal products. Well, this is an alternative for you! This sugar-based wax gives you all the benefits of feeling hairless without the pain of wax.

100% Water soluble 

Full Details and instructions Supplied

Extra Large 1400g pot, supersize pot with enough product to sugar 5-6 bodies. The smaller the area you are removing hair from, the more people or treatments you can do.

I have been specialising and manufacturing Sugar Paste and teaching Sugaring since 1994, Sugaring is the gentlest form of hair removal you can use with the benefits of removing the hair from the follicle, which slows down the regrowth and with regular treatments over time you will experience hair diminishment.


This Original sugar paste formula can successfully be used with traditional hand sugaring and with strips dependant on your knowledge and expertise.  Full instructions are supplied and a helpline for advice.

Benefits of Sugaring - V - Waxing

Sugar has a low melting point - Wax requires a high melting point with risks of burning

Sugar can be removed with Water - Wax cannot be washed away chemical solvents are needed for its removal

Sugar paste leaves you free from any sticky residue - Wax leaves a sticky residue

Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells - Wax sticks to the skin and is uncomfortable to remove

Sugaring is gentle enough to use on thin skin - You cannot wax thin skin

Sugaring causes less discomfort and trauma to the skin -  Waxing can irritate the skin

Sugaring removes dead skin cells - Waxing removes dead and live skin cells

Sugaring can cover an area more than once as it's gentle - Waxing you can only cover an area once

Sugar paste is economical as you use one piece to cover an area on the same body - Waxing you are applying new wax all the time

Sugar Paste is Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic - Waxing can irritate sensitive skin

Sugar paste removes the hair in the direction of the growth - Waxing removes the hair against the growth and can snap hair

Sugar paste can remove shorter hair - Waxing needs longer hair growth to be effective